The Essential Need for Timely Trauma Counseling in Children

trauma counseling for children

Childhood is a time of innocence, curiosity, and exploration. However, for some children, this period can also be marked by traumatic experiences that cast long shadows on their emotional well-being. Trauma, whether from accidents, abuse, natural disasters, or other distressing events, can have profound and lasting effects on a child’s mental and emotional development. Recognizing […]



Trauma can affect many people in various ways, having lasting effects on an individual’s physical, emotional, and psychological well-being. It often results in symptoms such as anxiety, depression, flashbacks, and difficulty managing emotions. “In 2020, around 68% of rural adults in the United States stated that they considered mental health to be a major problem […]

Sexual Assault

Sexual assault is a heinous crime that affects over 100,000 people in the United States each year. Often, victims of sexual assault face lingering consequences, including physical injury, psychological trauma, and long-term effects on their mental health. Just in 2021 alone, it was shown that about “282,043 women were raped or sexually assaulted while the […]

Mindfulness Meditation


We live in a very fast paced world that leave us full of stress and anxiety. Learn how to quiet your mind and enjoy the multiple benefits of relaxing your brain. You will become more intelligent, creative and happier. You can learn this technique here at Healing Road Counseling and live a life full of […]

Parenting Skills

parenting skills

Having children can be the most rewarding experience in a person’s life, however, being a parent can be very challenging at times. Learning effective, culturally sensitive parenting skills can help you to strengthen and improving your family happiness. We, at Healing Road Counseling can help you to develop the skills that you need to manage […]

Love & Relationships

Love relationships

You are Important in Every Relationship Love and relationships are all about balance – a balance between schedules, a balance between personalities and also a balance between priorities. People have such wrong notions about giving space to one another. Checking in on your partner is obviously good but at the same time you need to […]

Anxiety & Stress

Stress and anxiety

Know the Difference between Stress and Anxiety Stress and anxiety are both a very common affair and almost every person has experienced them at least once in their life. Both of these problems have some symptoms that are in common but you should not mistake them for being the same. There is a fine line […]



What are the Warning Signs of Depression? Depression is nothing but a type of mental health disorder that often shows signs like loss of interest in almost everything in life. When conditions go worse, patients also start showing suicidal tendencies. So, here are some warnings signs of depression that will help you understand that someone […]