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You are Important in Every Relationship

Love and relationships are all about balance – a balance between schedules, a balance between personalities and also a balance between priorities. People have such wrong notions about giving space to one another. Checking in on your partner is obviously good but at the same time you need to give your partner some personal space. So, here are some reasons that will make you understand why personal space is so important in every relationship.


Having a healthy self-esteem is not only important in day to day life but also in love and relationships. You should always remember that you are important and have a life out of your relationship as well. Remember that you need to continue cultivating that life. But if you do not retain your individuality when you are in a relationship, you will lose all that makes up your character. That is why you need to give yourself time to do the things you love.

To keep suffocation at bay

When you do not see the anything in the world apart from your partner, your relationship will start becoming suffocating. You will feel that in every nerve of your body. You need to break through that feeling if you want to keep your mental health in a good condition and the only way to do is by allowing yourself some personal space. Go out with your friends or maybe have a day with yourself.

Too much of anything is bad

If you haven’t heard this then you should now – “Too much of anything is bad”. And this applies to love as well. Co-dependent relationships can even turn out to be toxic when there is a lack of personal space.

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