What are the Warning Signs of Depression?

Depression is nothing but a type of mental health disorder that often shows signs like loss of interest in almost everything in life. When conditions go worse, patients also start showing suicidal tendencies. So, here are some warnings signs of depression that will help you understand that someone is suffering from it and needs special care.

  • Hopeless behavior or mentality towards everything

One of the prime signs of depression is that the person starts showing hopelessness and start developing a mood disorder towards every aspect of life. They will constantly be having thoughts that make them feel that they are a failure. They will think that it is always their fault in all mishaps. They might also show through their conversations that their life is not worth living.

  • Become frustrated with minute things

If someone is suffering from depression, he/she will become frustrated with petty matters and show anger or violence from time to time. Later on they might even realize how lame it was and then start blaming themselves. This goes on and on like a cycle making conditions even worse.

  • Show fatigue at all times

A person who is suffering from depression will always seem to be tired and not want to do anything. This might also include simple day-to-day tasks like bathing. They might also show symptoms like muscle pains and headaches. Sleep problems are another prominent sign of being depressed. Some people also gain or lose weight significantly

Depression does not involve any particular symptom. When you start noticing all of the above mentioned symptoms, then it is probable that you are suffering from depression. If you are in such a condition or you have a loved one who is battling depression, do not waste any more time and contact us. We, at Healing Road Counseling help people who are suffering from it and assist them return to their happier life.

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